Documents relevant to the Noyce Professorship, 1998-99

Nathaniel S. Borenstein '80 <>

It is my great honor to be serving as the Robert Noyce Visiting Professor at Grinnell College during the 1998-99 academic year. While I will continue to live in Ann Arbor, where I serve on the faculty of the School of Information, I will be coming to Grinnell for several visits throughout the year, and will be participating in the life of the campus via electronic interaction at other times.

Reaching me in Grinnell

You can ALWAYS reach me by email. Beyond that, the days when I will be physically in Grinnell this semester are:

January 25-27, March 1-5, and April 25-May 14

When in Grinnell, you can reach me at the following phone numbers:

Office: Steiner 100 (basement), (515) 269-4561 (fax -4414)

Home: 1409 Park, (515) 236-5716

Who am I?

Collected here will be links relevant to my service as Noyce Professor.

Fall Lectures

October 27, 1998: Kiss Privacy Goodbye: Myths and Realities about Cryptography and Society

October 29, 1998: The Future of the Internet and the Internet of the Future

Spring Courses

Special Topic: Human-Computer Interface Design

Special Topic: The Internet and Society